Fernando Pessoa (June 13, 1888 - November 30, 1935)
Fernando Pessoa (June 13, 1888 - November 30, 1935)
Fernando Pessoa, in full Fernando Antonio Nogueira Pessoa, (born June 13, 1888, Lisbon, Port.--died Nov. 30, 1935, Lisbon), one of the greatest Portuguese poets, whose Modernist work gave Portuguese literature European significance.From the age of seven Pessoa lived in Durban, S.Af., where his stepfather was Portuguese consul. He became a fluent reader and writer of English. With the hope of becoming a great poet in that language, Pessoa wrote his early verse in English. In 1905 he returned to Lisbon, where he remained, working as a commercial translator while contributing to avant-garde..
Jose Saramago (November 16, 1922 - June 18, 2010)
Jose Saramago (November 16, 1922 - June 18, 2010)
Jose Saramago, (born November 16, 1922, Azinhaga, Portugal--died June 18, 2010, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain), Portuguese novelist and man of letters who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998.The son of rural labourers, Saramago grew up in great poverty in Lisbon. After holding a series of jobs as mechanic and metalworker, Saramago began working in a Lisbon publishing firm and eventually became a journalist and translator. He joined the Portuguese Communist Party in 1969, published several volumes of poems, and served as editor of a Lisbon newspaper in 1974-75 during the..
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