Nicaraguan poet and priest

Ernesto Cardenal (January 20, 1925 - ..)
Ernesto Cardenal (January 20, 1925 - ..)
Ernesto Cardenal, (born January 20, 1925, Granada, Nicaragua), revolutionary Nicaraguan poet and Roman Catholic priest who is considered to be the second most important Nicaraguan poet, after Ruben Dario.He was educated first at Jesuit schools in Nicaragua, then in Mexico and at Columbia University. Having undergone a religious conversion, in 1957 he entered the Trappist monastery at Gethsemane, Kentucky, transferred to the Benedictine monastery of Cuernavaca, Mexico, and, after studying theology in a seminary at La Ceja, Colombia, was ordained a priest in 1965 in Nicaragua.His early..
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