Japanese artist and poet

Buson (.. - January 17, 1784)
Buson (.. - January 17, 1784)
Buson, also called Yosa Buson, original surname Taniguchi, (born 1716, Kema, Settsu province, Japan--died Jan. 17, 1784, Kyoto), Japanese painter of distinction but even more renowned as one of the great haiku poets.Buson came of a wealthy family but chose to leave it behind to pursue a career in the arts. He traveled extensively in northeastern Japan and studied haiku under several masters, among them Hayano Hajin, whom he eulogized in Hokuju Rosen wo itonamu (1745; "Homage to Hokuju Rosen"). In 1751 he settled in Kyoto as a professional painter, remaining there for most of his life. He did,..
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