Ivorian author

Ahmadou Kourouma (.. - December 11, 2003)
Ahmadou Kourouma (.. - December 11, 2003)
Ahmadou Kourouma, (born November 1927, Boundiali, French West Africa [now Cote d'Ivoire]--died December 11, 2003, Lyon, France), Ivorian novelist and playwright who wrote in a form of French that scandalized the establishment and affected French colonial policies.Kourouma spent his early years in Guinea and attended secondary school in Bamako, Mali, until he was expelled and was drafted into the army by the French. He was sent to Indochina and served in Saigon. Later he continued his education at Lyon, France, became an actuary in Algiers, and entered an insurance and banking career in France..
Bernard Binlin Dadie (January 10, 1916 - March 09, 2019)
Bernard Binlin Dadie (January 10, 1916 - March 09, 2019)
Bernard Binlin Dadie, (born January 10, 1916, Assini, Cote d'Ivoire--died March 9, 2019, Abidjan), Ivoirian poet, dramatist, novelist, and administrator whose works were inspired both by traditional themes from Africa's past and by a need to assert the modern African's desire for equality, dignity, and freedom.Dadie received his higher education in Senegal, where his involvement in a folklore and drama movement first encouraged him to write plays. This interest continued when he returned to Cote d'Ivoire in 1947 (after acquiring a diploma in administration and working 11 years at the..
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