Italian scholar

Pietro Verri (December 12, 1728 - June 28, 1797)
Pietro Verri (December 12, 1728 - June 28, 1797)
Pietro Verri, (born December 12, 1728, Milan--died June 28, 1797, Milan), political economist, journalist, government official, leader of a Milanese academy, and author of literary, historical, and economic works.Verri studied in Monzi, Milan, Rome, and Parma, then served as a captain in the Austrian army during the Seven Years' War. After his return to Milan, he became the moving spirit of the Societa dei Pugni, a group of Milanese intellectuals influenced by the French Encyclopedists. From 1764 to 1766 he directed the society's periodical, Il caffe ("The Coffeehouse"), with the collaboration..
Gabriele Rossetti (February 28, 1783 - April 24, 1854)
Gabriele Rossetti (February 28, 1783 - April 24, 1854)
Gabriele Rossetti, in full Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe Rossetti, (born Feb. 28, 1783, Vasto, Kingdom of Naples [Italy]--died April 24, 1854, London, Eng.), Italian poet, revolutionary, and scholar, known for his esoteric interpretation of Dante but best known as the father of several talented children, all of whom were born in England, to which he had fled as a political refugee from his native land.Rossetti was the son of a blacksmith and was clever enough to be able to study at the University of Naples. In 1807 he was librettist at the San Carlo opera house in Naples and was later appointed curator..
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