Italian art connoisseur

Francesco Algarotti (December 11, 1712 - May 03, 1764)
Francesco Algarotti (December 11, 1712 - May 03, 1764)
Francesco Algarotti, (born December 11, 1712, Venice [Italy]--died May 3, 1764, Pisa), cosmopolitan connoisseur of the arts and sciences who was esteemed by the philosophers of the Enlightenment for his wide knowledge and elegant presentation of advanced ideas.Algarotti was the son of well-to-do middle-class parents. He was educated in his native Venice and in Rome and Bologna. His youthful curiosity led him to travel extensively, and he visited Paris for the first time in his early 20s. There his urbanity, his brilliant conversation, his good looks, and his versatile intelligence promptly..
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