German humanist and author

Beatus Rhenanus (August 22, 1485 - July 20, 1547)
Beatus Rhenanus (August 22, 1485 - July 20, 1547)
Beatus Rhenanus, also called Beatus Bild, (born August 22, 1485, Schlettstadt (now Selestat), Alsace [France]--died July 20, 1547, Strasbourg), German humanist, writer, and advocate of Christian reform whose editorial work helped to preserve a wealth of classical literature.In 1505 Rhenanus received the master of arts degree from the University of Paris, where he studied Aristotelian philosophy. In 1511 he settled in Basel, Switzerland, where for the next 15 years he was one of the scholars working for the scholar-printer Johann Froben. Using recently discovered Rhineland manuscripts..
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