French writer and political theorist

Charles Maurras (April 20, 1868 - November 16, 1952)
Charles Maurras (April 20, 1868 - November 16, 1952)
Charles Maurras, in full Charles-Marie-Photius Maurras, (born April 20, 1868, Martigues, France--died November 16, 1952, Tours), French writer and political theorist, a major intellectual influence in early 20th-century Europe whose "integral nationalism" anticipated some of the ideas of fascism.Maurras was born of a Royalist and Roman Catholic family. In 1880, while he was engaged in studies in the College de Sacre-Coeur at Aix-en-Provence, he contracted an illness that left him permanently deaf, and he took refuge in books. Having lost the religious faith of his parents, he built..
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