Flemish poet and priest

Guido Gezelle (May 01, 1830 - November 27, 1899)
Guido Gezelle (May 01, 1830 - November 27, 1899)
Guido Gezelle, (born May 1, 1830, Bruges, Belg.--died Nov. 27, 1899, Bruges), Flemish priest and poet who was one of the masters of 19th-century European lyric poetry.Gezelle was ordained in 1854 while already a teacher at Roeselare, where he remained until 1860. He worked to inspire his students with his religious, poetic, and Flemish-nationalist idealism. His romantic views clashed with the opinions of the higher clergy, however, and in 1860 he was transferred to Bruges, where he became a professor of philosophy and the vice principal (1861-65) and curate (1865-72) of the Anglo-Belgian..
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