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Hugh Paulin Cressy (.. - August 10, 1674)
Hugh Paulin Cressy (.. - August 10, 1674)
Hugh Paulin Cressy, also called Serenus Cressy, (born c. 1605, Thorpe-Salvin, Yorkshire [now South Yorkshire], Eng.--died Aug. 10, 1674, East Grinstead, Sussex [now West Sussex]), English Benedictine monk, historian, apologist, and spiritual writer noted for his editorship of writings by Counter-Reformation mystics.Educated at Merton College, Oxford, Cressy became chaplain to Sir Thomas Wentworth (later earl of Strafford) and subsequently to Lucius Cary (later Lord Falkland); he was also dean of Leighlin, County Carlow, and canon of Windsor, Berkshire. While in Rome (1646), he..
Ford Madox Ford (December 17, 1873 - June 26, 1939)
Ford Madox Ford (December 17, 1873 - June 26, 1939)
Ford Madox Ford, original name Ford Hermann Hueffer, also called Ford Madox Hueffer, (born Dec. 17, 1873, Merton, Surrey, Eng.--died June 26, 1939, Deauville, Fr.), English novelist, editor, and critic, an international influence in early 20th-century literature.The son of a German music critic, Francis Hueffer, and a grandson of Ford Madox Brown, one of the Pre-Raphaelite painters, Ford grew up in a cultured, artistic environment. At 18 he wrote his first novel, The Shifting of Fire (1892). His acquaintance with Joseph Conrad in 1897 led to their collaboration in The Inheritors (1901)..
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