Chinese dissident and memoirist

Nien Cheng (January 28, 1915 - November 02, 2009)
Nien Cheng (January 28, 1915 - November 02, 2009)
Nien Cheng, (Yao Nien Yuan), Chinese dissident and memoirist (born Jan. 28, 1915, Beijing, China--died Nov. 2, 2009, Washington, D.C.), was imprisoned for more than six years (1966-73) during China's Cultural Revolution. In Life and Death in Shanghai (1986), she bore eloquent witness to both her continued defiance and the severe hardships she had endured. She was a widow when she was arrested, and upon her release she discovered that her only child had been killed by the Red Guards. Cheng was allowed to leave the country in 1980...
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