Chinese artist

Mi Fu
Mi Fu
Mi Fu, Wade-Giles romanization Mi Fu, also called Yuanzhang, Haiyue shanren, or Xiangyang jushi, (born 1051--died 1107, Huaiyang, Jiangsu province, China), scholar, poet, calligrapher, and painter who was a dominant figure in Chinese art. Of his extensive writings--poetry, essays on the history of aesthetics, and criticism of painting--a considerable amount survives.LifeMi was born of a family that had held high office in the early years of the Song dynasty (960-1279). Because his mother had been the wet nurse of the emperor Yingzong (reigned 1063/64-67/68), he was brought up within..
Dong Qichang
Dong Qichang
Dong Qichang, Wade-Giles romanization Tung Ch'i-ch'ang, (born 1555, Huating [now in Shanghai], China--died 1636), Chinese painter, calligrapher, and theoretician who was one of the finest artists of the late Ming period. The most distinguished connoisseur of his day, Dong Qichang set forward ideas that have continued to influence Chinese aesthetic theory.Dong Qichang was born to a poor but scholarly family, and, though he at first failed the government examinations, he passed the jinshi ("advanced scholar") examination at age 34 and was appointed to the first of a series of official positions..
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