Charlotte Lennox (.. - January 04, 1804)
Died: 4th January, 1804
Nationality: British
Profession/Occupation: Author
Region: Gibraltar?, London, England
Notable works: "The Female Quixote"

Charlotte Lennox Facts


Charlotte Lennox, nee Charlotte Ramsay, (born 1729/30, probably Gibraltar--died Jan. 4, 1804, London, Eng.), English novelist whose work, especially The Female Quixote, was much admired by leading literary figures of her time, including Samuel Johnson and the novelists Henry Fielding and Samuel Richardson.

Charlotte Ramsay was the daughter of a British army officer who was said to have been lieutenant governor of the colony of New York. This claim has been dismissed, however, in light of evidence that she went to live in or near Albany, New York, in 1739, when her father was posted there as captain of a company of foot soldiers. In 1743, after her father's death, she returned to England, apparently to live with relatives. She attempted to earn a living as an actress but was not successful and is said to have turned to literary work. Her Poems on Several Occasions was published in 1747, and that same year she married Alexander Lennox. She made the first comparative study of William Shakespeare's source material, called Shakespear Illustrated; . . . (1753-54), a project in which she may have been assisted by Dr. Johnson. The book takes Shakespeare to task for his plot adaptations and his lack of morality.

Lennox's first novel was The Life of Harriot Stuart (1751). The Female Quixote (1752) and Henrietta (1758) followed. She attempted to write for the stage as well but met with only slight success.

Despite the friendship of Johnson and Richardson and the approbation of Fielding, Lennox made little from the sale of her books. She died in poverty.

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The law has no power over heroes.
When a person is found less guilty than he is suspected, he is concluded more innocent than he really is.

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