Anna Katharine Green (November 11, 1846 - April 11, 1935)
Born: 11th November, 1846
Died: 11th April, 1935
Nationality: American
Profession/Occupation: Author
Region: New York City, New York, Buffalo

Anna Katharine Green Facts


Anna Katharine Green, married name Anna Green Rohlfs, (born Nov. 11, 1846, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.--died April 11, 1935, Buffalo, N.Y.), American writer of detective fiction who helped to make the genre popular in America by creating well-constructed plots based on a good knowledge of criminal law.

Green graduated from Ripley Female College (now Green Mountain College) in Poultney, Vermont, in 1866. Her early poetic ambitions were bolstered by a meeting with Ralph Waldo Emerson. Her first book, however, was something entirely different: a detective tale entitled The Leavenworth Case (1878), which sold more than 150,000 copies. Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, and Metta Victor were virtually her only predecessors in the writing of such fiction; her fictional detective, Ebenezer Gryce, anticipated in some respects the later Sherlock Holmes. A Strange Disappearance (1880) and Hand and Ring (1883) followed, and, after publishing two largely ignored volumes of verse, she returned permanently to detective novels.

Among Green's mysteries were Behind Closed Doors (1888), Forsaken Inn (1890), Marked "Personal" (1893), The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock (1895), The Affair Next Door (1897), Lost Man's Lane (1898), The Filigree Ball (1903), The House in the Mist (1905), The Woman in the Alcove (1906), The House of the Whispering Pines (1910), and The Step on the Stair (1923). While their literary value was not great--she never outgrew the Victorian conventions of romantic love scenes, stilted dialogue, and circumlocution--they were tightly plotted, well constructed, and engrossing. Her knowledge of criminal law, gained from her lawyer father, helped give an air of realism to the novels, and her books helped outline the formulas that were to characterize the field of detective fiction.

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Hath the spirit of all beauty Kissed you in the path of duty?
There are two kinds of artists in this world; those that work because the spirit is in them, and they cannot be silent if they would, and those that speak from a conscientious desire to make apparent to others the beauty that has awakened their own admiration.

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