American screenwriter

Frances Marion (November 18, 1887 - May 12, 1973)
Frances Marion (November 18, 1887 - May 12, 1973)
Frances Marion, in full Frances Marion Owens, (born Nov. 18, 1887?, San Francisco, Calif., U.S.--died May 12, 1973, Hollywood, Calif.), American motion picture screenwriter whose 25-year career spanned the silent and sound eras.As a young adult, Marion had twice married and divorced and had tried her hand as a journalist, model, and illustrator before going to Hollywood in 1913. She worked with director Lois Weber in 1914 and experimented with different aspects of film work, but she discovered her true calling in 1915 as a scriptwriter. After a hiatus as a war correspondent in France (1918-19),..
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