American novelist and journalist

Floyd Dell (June 28, 1887 - July 23, 1969)
Floyd Dell (June 28, 1887 - July 23, 1969)
Floyd Dell, (born June 28, 1887, Barry, Ill., U.S.--died July 23, 1969, Bethesda, Md.), novelist and radical journalist whose fiction examined the changing mores in sex and politics among American bohemians before and after World War I.A precocious poet, Dell grew up in an impoverished family and left high school at age 16 to work in a factory. Moving to Chicago in 1908, he worked as a newspaperman and soon was a leader of the city's advanced literary movement. He became assistant editor of the Friday Literary Review of the Evening Post in 1909 and editor in 1911, making it one of the most noted American..
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