American journalist and poet

Nora Perry (.. - May 13, 1896)
Nora Perry (.. - May 13, 1896)
Nora Perry, (born 1831, Dudley, Mass., U.S.--died May 13, 1896, Dudley), American journalist, poet, and children's author whose sentimental works were favourites in her day.Perry grew up in Dudley and in Providence, Rhode Island. From childhood she composed stories and poems, and at age 18 she had her first story published in Harper's Magazine. She served as Boston correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and the Providence Journal for a time while continuing to contribute stories, serials, and poems to various other periodicals. Among her best-known poems were "Tying Her Bonnet Under Her..
Elizabeth Anne Chase Akers Allen (October 09, 1832 - August 07, 1911)
Elizabeth Anne Chase Akers Allen (October 09, 1832 - August 07, 1911)
Elizabeth Anne Chase Akers Allen, nee Elizabeth Anne Chase, (born Oct. 9, 1832, Strong, Maine, U.S.--died Aug. 7, 1911, Tuckahoe, N.Y.), American journalist and poet, remembered chiefly for her sentimental poem "Rock Me to Sleep," which found especial popularity during the Civil War.Elizabeth Chase grew up in Farmington, Maine, where she attended Farmington Academy (later Maine State Teachers College). She is said to have had a poem published in the Boston Olive Branch at 15. In 1851 she married Marshall S.M. Taylor, but within a few years they were divorced. She took a job on the Portland (Maine)..
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