Abkhazian writer and political figure

Bagrat Shinkuba (May 12, 1917 - February 25, 2004)
Bagrat Shinkuba (May 12, 1917 - February 25, 2004)
Bagrat Shinkuba, Abkhaz in full Bagrat Wasil-ipa Shinkuba, Russian in full Bagrat Vasilevich Shinkuba, (born May 12, 1917, Chlow, Abkhazia [now Abkhazia, Georgia]--died February 25, 2004, Sokhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia), Abkhazian writer and political figure, best known for his poetry.Shinkuba was trained as a teacher and subsequently worked in the field of Abkhazian philology. A member of the Abkhazian Institute for Language, Literature, and History, he was involved in translating literary works into Abkhaz and in documenting Abkhaz oral tradition. He compiled a volume of Abkhaz folk..
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