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I am a graduate with an engineering degree from an International Approved University. . I have worked in the health care sector as a medical engineer for quite some time. My passion for expressing ideas in writing attracted me to freelance writing. I realized I could use my skills and desire for knowledge to engage in freelance writing as a way of supplementing my professional salary. With my educational background, I was initially only competent in the field of engineering and a bit of health care. However, through the seven years of experience in freelance writing, I have gained more skills in research, and I am now knowledgeable in different fields including; natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. As a freelance writer, my main goal is to make my clients happy and satisfied with the service that I offer. For this reason, I only place bids on assignments that I am confident of delivering quality work. In case of any doubts, I do not hesitate to seek clarifications from my clients. I am a good communicator, and that has been essential in my professional success as well as success in freelance writing.
I am currently a writer at Studybay. My duty is to help clients in writing essays, research papers, articles, speeches, theses, and PowerPoint presentations among other types of writing-related assignments. I possess skills in the latest citation styles including APA, MLA, AMA, ASA, Harvard, Oxford, and Chicago. My attention to detail and the desire to produce the very best has seen me achieve and maintain the a high ranking. This is a guarantee that I deliver the best papers and never miss deadlines. My philosophy has consistently been delivering quality, non-plagiarized and timely completed assignments that meet client requirements and their tutors' instructions. This has been the key to my success in the freelance writing industry.
Besides taking writing as a full-time career, it is also one of my hobbies and, for this reason, I have always felt motivated while tackling my clients' tasks. My passion for writing can be traced back to my junior school days. I would always be the best in creative writing classes. My other hobbies include watching movies, traveling and reading books. I like associating with activities that build my knowledge in different fields and subjects. Additionally, reading and watching movies improves my writing skills and scope of thinking. Hire Mykol for quality.






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user566359 user icon March 08, 2021 On Time Positive
Thank you so much for your excellent work! You are fast and efficient! Highly recommended, I will definitely request your assistance in the future!
Bryan Becker user icon March 08, 2021 On Time Positive
Great work
justindip24 user icon March 08, 2021 On Time Positive
did the assignment on time and did a an amazing job 88/100
user1050313 user icon March 08, 2021 On Time Positive
Satisfied with the expert's work
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