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My name is Marylandwriter. I am a versatile writer with Studybay where I complete assignments, projects and other forms of formal and informal assignments from multiple disciplines. I have completed many assignments as stated on my profile and can handle orders from various disciplines ranging from humanities, social sciences, formal sciences and natural sciences for postgraduate’s, undergraduates and high school level. I am also a fast learner and thus conversant with any assignments type.

Working as a tutor for two years has mentored me a lot both in Business and Mathematics. Over the two years, I have gained critical thinking skills tutoring subjects like algebra, economics, commerce, statistics, accounting, entrepreneurship, advanced calculus, real analysis, office practice, basic arithmetic among many others. I have also gained and improved my communication skills during my tenure. From my work experience, I also learned the importance of being patient and encouraging because of dealing with learners facing different difficulties in their respective subjects. I learnt that learners could get frustrated and disappointed and appreciating each attempt made is paramount. From henceforth I ventured into helping my students with their academic work. Writing for more than six years, as a freelance writer has improved my rate of turnover per day. I can now handle many assignments at once in a day. I have exceptional skills in analyzing and synthesizing scholarly materials to come up with excellently executed papers.
Over the years, my love for research while writing has grown; this has led me to undertake a Master’s degree in Research. Apart from writing being my full-time career, I am also studious and I enjoy reading books and therefore handling any assignment becomes easy for me. Apart from reading and writing I also enjoy watching movies, listening to music, swimming and socializing.
I am well aware that having a well-written write-up with engaging content requires exceptional skills. Marylandwriter has confidence in learning new things and believes that everything is possible. I have all it takes to handle any assignment. Feel free to hire me, and I will meet your requirements satisfactorily.


South Eastern Kenya University, Bachelor, Education (business and mathematics)


English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese


History, Computer science

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kano123 user icon February 23, 2020 On Time Negative
although she got the work done in time , i just had the results of my papers... both the ones she wrote failed miserably 38% and 50% .... so complete waste of money , i could've paid the same amount for a deferral and just kept my dignity and did them myself or if i had the time to at least take a look at the files and fixed smthn ,,, now i have to study my ass to nail an 80% just so that i could just pass the course ! SO IN A NUTSHELL UNIVERSITY PEOPLE STAY AWAY , MAX LEVEL IS HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH PAPER IN BEST CASE !!!!
Samuel Jackson user icon February 22, 2020 On Time Positive
high-end product, thank you
user1307104 user icon February 20, 2020 On Time Positive
She is a good writer. Definitely provided me with the best work and moreover I wanted some change in my essay which the writer did. That's very good and convenient, so would definitely tell you to go for @Marylandwriter
user604756 user icon February 19, 2020 On Time Positive
Great work
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