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A professional academic Writer and researcher, with vast experience in writing and tutoring. I am perfect in all academic writing styles including APA, MLA, and Harvard. Will deliver plagiarism free, well researched, and error free papers.


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user404761 user icon April 08, 2018 On Time Positive
user433470 user icon April 05, 2018 On Time Positive
ukkindi user icon April 02, 2018 On Time Positive
Excelnt Job
HAT user icon March 29, 2018 On Time Positive
I have to be 100% honest that is the type of person I am. I have worked with this writer before on 3 different pieces of work. Always a struggle and some teething problems but we get through them safely. However, on this work it was not the case. She has lost something I have no idea what it is. Meaning I was stress out to the point of screaming at my laptop. Because I would never understand why you have done a 500 word on practical the same subject did the referencing etc and YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. Yes she has the patience. But to do this as your business you have to be on the ball. Know what the client want and need. Also be available when the client do leave a message try and read it because the clients can see you are online. This suppose to be your business and I trusted you with doing this work and the other piece of work which I had to do MYSELF and this one I HAD TO FINISH MYSELF. Yes I paid you for this one. But to be honest you barely got paid for it because when I have to give up my time to do the work I am paying you for thats the time I get angry. I am sure the other clients will agree they are not stupid in fact they can do it themselves its just MOST DONT HAVE THE TIME just like I do. You are a good writer when you take the time, and put it together. I have a strange feeling this paper will be low graded because there is no more time to pass it back again to you and I had to finish in a rush. I am so sorry but I had to be honest. Maybe this feedback will help you for the further of other work. Yes I will work with this writer again. But am sorry ALOT HAS TO BE CHANGE, THE RUSHING HAS TO BE STOP, AND MORE THOUGHT TO DETAIL. Also I have never met this writer but she seems to be a nice person. And that is why after getting 2 low grades on 2 of the paper she did I still hired her for 3 more. Sound stupid yes it does. But I believe in giving people chances.
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