June 12, 2018, 06:06 am
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I work in a medical research center and I am currently investigating advanced breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management techniques. I hold vast knowledge on the application of nanotechnology in breast cancer drug delivery.


Moi University , Bachelor, Medicine



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  • cheetahg May 21, 2018
    Review 👍 | Deadline On Time

    she did attempt to do as asked however it didn't meet my satisfaction and I had to do the assignment by myself again

  • jesuslovemary884 May 10, 2018
    Review 👎 | Deadline On Time

    Did not follow guidelines. Wrote own lab procedures that is irrelevant to mines. Sent for revision and did not work on it.

  • Mariamartinez99 May 09, 2018
    Review 👍 | Deadline On Time

    On time

  • user537416 May 08, 2018
    Review 👎 | Deadline Declined at 50%

    DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE BY ASSIGNING YOUR WORK TO THIS WRITER. Firstly he did my assignment without any in text citations. When I told him to cite the whole assignment, he couldn't remember where he'd got the information from so he used false citations/referencing. Secondly despite giving him past years paper as a guide , all the research tools, he still didn't understand the assignment. He wrote about a completely different topic. Oh and he added tables and images which made no sense because there was no explanation of why they were there. I told him many times to explain the images and tables, to relate them to his writing but he still failed to do so. He ended up removing them from the assignment because he couldnt explain. He mixed all the past present and future tenses. When a procedure or technique is used from past decades , you don't write in future tense and you don't talk about clinical trials. The assignment is so full of crap, irrelevant information. Despite revisions, feedback, instructions, he kept making the assignment worse. He was meant to remove unwanted things and add what was required but he kept adding more rubbish to it. DON'T even think about trying him out doesn't matter if he offers the lowest bid. I have failed because of the writer, I hope he doesn't disappoint other students.