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How to start 5 Paragraph Essay

Essay is a useful model of paper that each student should keep in mind. It helps to obtain writing skills. Every work starts with the given topic, developing which the author demonstrates his knowledge. Essay is a common form of independently performed work often assigned to students. Professor needs to evaluate, how well his students understand the given material and how fluent they use it. For this reason you should perform such works well in order to get a high final score. So the first thing that you need to do is to explore your topic at least in general.

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The good news is that the topic is already defined by your professor. However you still need to put some specific questions and catch the reader’s attention. This is what the introduction serves for. It should start with a general characteristic of the subject, gradually moving to more specific questions and formulating your thesis. You should direct all your efforts on writing a strong thesis. It should consist of one or several short sentences and contain the main issue or argument, identifying the problem and briefly describing what your 5 paragraph essay will be about. The essay also may start with an incentive statement – a “grabber” that helps to get the reader involved in your writing. For example, if the theme of your 5 paragraph essay is how parenting affects children, the introduction might begin with a grabber about some prominent person, whose family contributed to his success. This thesis will briefly explain your opinion about parenting. It will be clear to the reader, which main statement all your further arguments support.

The main thoughts in 3 paragraphs

5 paragraph essay is a classical form of writing assignment. The most significant part of this work is the main body, consisting of 3 paragraphs. They are called supporting because each of these parts focuses on particular argument or a specific idea that maintains the thesis. Start the paragraph with a topic sentence and supplement it with details and examples. Each idea should be clear, and your reasons should be convincing. In the main part of the essay you demonstrate analytical skills, using comparison and contrast or cause and effect, depending on the type of the paper. It is also worth thinking about presentation of your ideas and coherence of the text. Jumping from one argument to another is not effective. The main body of your 5 paragraph essay must be a single whole. For this purpose writers usually use transitions – special sentences that connect the next thought with a previous. Such sentences may contain a little of both following and previous thoughts. You may use phrases that help to compare and contrast: “however”, “on the other hand”, “in contrast”, “more importantly”, etc.

The conclusion: summing up

At the beginning of the final paragraph you will need to think about a summative transition to effectively finish your work. For example, use such expressions as “given these points” or choose any other. But it is better to avoid such unoriginal phrases as “in conclusion”. The final part of your 5 paragraph essay should sum up the previous ideas. However, there is no need to restate the arguments fully. You may choose one detail or some specific example and pull your thoughts together. Your summative sentences should be powerful because this is the last chance to win the favor of the reader.

Extra tips

There are things that are better to avoid in academic papers. Such pronouns as “I”, “you”, “me”, “your” and “my” are unsuitable for such works. It is better not to use personal information, like, for example, stories and own experience. Also you should avoid repetitions, wordiness and clichés. Do not begin the sentence with “and”, “so”, “but”, etc. It is important to remember that a well-written essay should be well thought out each word should be used correctly and appropriately. The style of your 5 paragraph essay cannot be casual. For this reason you should avoid such words as “sure”, “well”, etc. The work is not complete until you edit the essay. This procedure includes checking grammar and spelling, logic, details. Finally, ask somebody knowledgeable and experienced to read your essay and comment it. Be prepared to hear critique and revise the paper.

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